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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scratched and Flawed Chapter 1 Part 2

"Where the hell are we?!" I screamed at the driver.

"Shaey! I... Don't... friggin'.... know!" The idiotic driver grumbled over the intercom.

I unholstered my pistol, aiming it at the driver's bunker, "Back talk me again! I freakin' dare you you son of a-"

"Uhh... Shaey?" I shy voice whispered, tugging at my oversized jacket. I peered next to me, facing the abashed mug of August. She handed e a steaming chocolate coffee, her hand turning red as she held it.

"Damn sister, don't burn your hand!" I laughed, returning my pistol in it's place and grabbing the coffee. I slurped it down, scorching hot chocolate scraping my throat.

"Uhh... Heh... I was wondering... If... Am I going with you two on this mission?" She squeaked.

I unlocked my lips from the hilt of the cup, "I don't know, do you want to go?"

"Well, I'm kinda... scared. What if... What if..." She paused.

I eyed her, moving my hand in a clockwise motion, "What if...?"

"What if the gun is too loud?"

I snorted, which suddenly burst into laughter. I threw the unfinished coffee over the edge of my boat and quickly pulled out my gun, firing into the air.

August swiftly blocked her ears, too late to here the strident gunshot.

"Loud? I think not." I answered, "Now go and get ready, it's about time you became a REAL Wind-Farer."

She nodded, covering her ears in pain as she walked off into the lounge room.

"Where are we?" I yelled at the driver's pod.

A sigh buzzed on the intercom, "You know what? Were almost there! Happy?!"

"Your lucky I'm too lazy to reload my pistol."

"Your lucky I didn't turn around, ya' brute basta-"

"Hold on... Didn't catch that... I'm reloading."

"Sorry sorry sorry!"

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Field Guide for Newcomers of Emmacin

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Scratched & Flawed Chapter 1 Part 1

 BWEEP! BWEEP! BWEEP! BWEEP! The shrill rambling of the innocent alarm clock jostled my brain, snapping me from my restful sleep. I eyed the strident alarm clock, it's number's reading 7 o' clock. I slapped the snooze button, shutting off it's obnoxious crys.

Sitting up from my bed, I rubbed the excess laziness from my eyes. My hair frizzled in a huge mess, my shoulders aching. I stretched out and yawned greatly, feeling much, much better.

Another morning for me, I can't wait... The sun's rays seeped through the blinds and poured stripes over my ruined room. CD's, crinkled clothes, filty plates, dried cups, plastic bags, and wires piled in my compact room. I crawled off my bed and onto my digigrade feet, taking another stretch and yawn. I cautiously stepped around the mess, pressing the ON button on my radio as I passed. My favorite band, The Baboonz, smoothly filled the room with their sedative sounds.

I yanked open a wooden drawer, picking a pair of loose pants and a T-Shirt reading, "KEEP MOVING". I slipped them on, buttoning them around my hips and pulling my snout through the shirt collar.

I peered into the mirror, checking my frazzled hair. Of course, I had to wet it again... I looked harder into the mirror, staring at myself, my face. Something wasn't right, as always. I didn't look pretty or attractive in anyway, how could I go out like this? I was hybrid, diverse from everyone. I looked ugly. I turned my head away from the mirror, swiveling toward my bedroom door and smacking my tail onto the hard wooden dresser.

"Ack, Dammit!" I cursed, pulsing pain growing from the tip. Fourth time this week. Ugh.

I trudged to the pearly bathroom, fiddling for the toothbrush as it danced around the cup. I grasped a hold of it, squeezing pasty toothpaste onto the clear bristles. I scoured my teeth, whisking away the clinging food from my fangs and chompers until the gums bled. I spat the disgusting, minty flavor from my mouth and drained it down the sink, the taste still lingering in my cheeks. Now... To the kitchen...

I slumped down on the creaky wooden chair, chomping on cruchy bits of sweet cereal drenching in a bowl of milk. Bellowing crumbling sounds echoed and vibrated in my head. The kitchen coated the soles of my feet in a light shield of dust and food crumbs.

 A light tapping poked the heavy kitchen door behind me, as if something bony and sticklike prodded the other side vigorously in imaptience. I treacherously approached the door, gripping the knob. The tapping increased it's tempo, eerily catching on to a reptitive beat. Suspense boiled in the pit of my stomach, bubbling more and more quickly. The steam tapered into my brain, tainting it with riduculous thoughts.

Open it Topaz...


Yes...You'll never know what it could be...

Shut up!

Fine. Have it your way... Never know what it could be...

My mind won. I twisted the knob and jerked the door open. My eyes wide for any sudden movement, my fists hardened, and my teeth gritting, but all the preparation became useless when I faced that innocent, caught expression of my moronic friend. He grinned, knowing that his little plan was a success.

"Damn it, Kosal!" I snapped, anger inflating inside, "You nearly scared me to death!"

"But I did scare you?" He laughed, straightening up to his mountainous size.

"Geez...You know Coal isn't here, of course that's gonna scare me." I calmed, rubbing my scalp.

"Sorry..." Kosal replied, appearing more innocent than before. That cooled me down a bit, knowing how hypersenistive Kosal's feelings were, even if he had the dumbest ideas.

Kosal was a hybrid as well, so we relate to eachother more than anything. He enjoys having his own properties, his own style, which is one thing I can't relate to with him.

"Sooo.... Another boring day I see." He guessed the obvious answer.

"On the dot." I applauded acutely, chomping another spoon full of cereal as it scarred the roof of my mouth.

Kosal sat on the other side of the table, creating a chorus of squeaks and cracking noises. He nabbed the cereal box and slipped his bony hand inside, scooping a hand full of dry cereal. Loudly, he crunched the cereal, making obnoxious smacking sounds. He grabbed another handful and cast it into the bowels of his mouth, repeating the nerve twisting sounds.

"We'll you close your mouth atleast!" I finally cried out in annoyed agony.

"Sorry...I'm just....BORED." He pointed out, subliminaly attempting to pry me away from boredom's grasp.

"I'm not going out." I replied, "Not this early." Anticipation attacking me as he gave me a smooth look. That damn look. A devious smirk and a raised eyebrow.

I drowned the spoon in the excess milk, standing up from the chair, "Just for a walk..."

He darted out the door, a huge open grin stretching across his face. I slowly followed him out,

"Don't wear yourself out." I giggled. There wasn't a single gloomy bone in his body, or not that I know of. He's always stuffs himself with joy every morning, racing down to my house so we could get into trouble again. He's only gregarious when were together, but hides in a shell when he's on his own. Despite his over-sized height, Kosal fears being around strangers.

The brittle, tan grass blades crunched beneath our feet as we strolled down through clingy trees scraping their icthy leaves at our arms. The sun hazed a bright blue ambient across the sky, airspraying whispy clouds in short streaks. The gentle wind brisked and ruffled my straggly hair, uncomfortably tugging at my scalp. Seawater surfed through the breeze, stocking my nostrils with the briny scent.

The crunching came to a halt as we walked along the side of the asphalt road, the ocean smell thrown out by brute burnt rubber.

I lived on the boondocks of a crammed port. Ah, the port. Boats peppered the surface of the ocean, huts and buildings squashed together into a jostled mess of people and buisnuisses. Luxury planes hovered above the ocean, extensive ropes tightyl knotted to the poles below. The port was stain on this land, soiled with the throat tickling smoke, the brute civilians, and the obnoxious, annoying horns and beeps of the boats. The best part sparking an altercation somewhere, inflating peoples heads with steam. It never gets old.

Fresh air fled from our senses as we entered the dirty enviroment of the port. Our shoes clacked against the filthy brick floor. Tired, I halted my steps and leaned against a wall, my hands in my pockets.

"Well," I began, "You brought me into this pile of trash, what now?"

"Do you want to mess up the mural on the old man's restruant?" Kosal suggested, thinking of the devious plan as rubbed his palms together.

"We did that a week ago...It's starting to get old." I replied, yawning away the sleep hiding in the corners of my eyes.

"How about we go down to the bank and eat all the candy in the bowls?"

I sighed, "I guess a little sugar wouldn't hurt."

We began down the path to the bank. Passing stink-eyed sailors, angry drunks, and well-dressed intellectals.