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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scratched and Flawed Chapter 1 Part 2

"Where the hell are we?!" I screamed at the driver.

"Shaey! I... Don't... friggin'.... know!" The idiotic driver grumbled over the intercom.

I unholstered my pistol, aiming it at the driver's bunker, "Back talk me again! I freakin' dare you you son of a-"

"Uhh... Shaey?" I shy voice whispered, tugging at my oversized jacket. I peered next to me, facing the abashed mug of August. She handed e a steaming chocolate coffee, her hand turning red as she held it.

"Damn sister, don't burn your hand!" I laughed, returning my pistol in it's place and grabbing the coffee. I slurped it down, scorching hot chocolate scraping my throat.

"Uhh... Heh... I was wondering... If... Am I going with you two on this mission?" She squeaked.

I unlocked my lips from the hilt of the cup, "I don't know, do you want to go?"

"Well, I'm kinda... scared. What if... What if..." She paused.

I eyed her, moving my hand in a clockwise motion, "What if...?"

"What if the gun is too loud?"

I snorted, which suddenly burst into laughter. I threw the unfinished coffee over the edge of my boat and quickly pulled out my gun, firing into the air.

August swiftly blocked her ears, too late to here the strident gunshot.

"Loud? I think not." I answered, "Now go and get ready, it's about time you became a REAL Wind-Farer."

She nodded, covering her ears in pain as she walked off into the lounge room.

"Where are we?" I yelled at the driver's pod.

A sigh buzzed on the intercom, "You know what? Were almost there! Happy?!"

"Your lucky I'm too lazy to reload my pistol."

"Your lucky I didn't turn around, ya' brute basta-"

"Hold on... Didn't catch that... I'm reloading."

"Sorry sorry sorry!"

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