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Friday, July 29, 2011

Torn Part 1

Most think the apocalypse is a bombardment of fireballs smashing the Earth. Some think its a meteor hurling itself toward us, and others think we explode altogether. It takes one human to invent such theories. The amusing look on their faces when the "apocalypse" came, when they found out that the end of the world was the starting of a new beginning.


My claws scraped the ground as I dashed across the dust of crumbling concrete. My broken wing dragging across the ground, creating a line behind me. A screech rebounded behind me as a fiery blast of feathers crashed through the building behind me.

"Come back here now!" The phoenix screamed as it chased me with furious rage. I skidded as I took sharp turn and ran down an alley. The phoenix flew over the buildings to the other side. I stopped in surprise,sliding across the slippery dust and into the phoenix's talons. It grabbed my back and flapped to the top of an empty building, dropping me on the hard roof.

The phoenix pinned me to the ground with knife-sharp talons, "Are you gonna take back what you said?"

"Yes! Yes!" I choked. The phoenix flapped off me.

"Good!" It laughed, "I sure scared you, huh, Arsenios?"

"Yeah you did,"

"Hey, your the one who started it."

Spark always been that way. She was always bright, even after her intimidating rage. She and I go way back, ever since we were small. She is a glittering, fiery phoenix and I'm a pearly white scaled dragon with one broken wing.

Picture a land with coffee colored dirt for a ground, along with grey ashes that matched the sky, bland. Buildings worn down and crumbling every now and then. A horrifying place to live. Sometimes raid the area, killing our kind for food or just for the hell of it.

Suddenly, a flash of fire shot between us. The heat brisked my scales as Spark screamed, "Run!"

I looked below the building. Standing there was a human holding a short gun and a crimson dragon standing next to him. The human shot the gun and barely missed my head. I turned around and dashed toward Sparks direction. I leaped off the building and landed harshly on the ground, kicking ashes into the air.

I quickly regained balance and raced down the road surrounded by buildings. A bullet flew past my ear and nearly scraped my side.

"Jump!" The phoenix screamed. With all the strength in my legs, I leaped in the air. Spark caught hold of back, carrying me off into the dull clouds.

(This is an old story.)

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