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Friday, July 29, 2011

The X-plorers Part 1

Waves licked the sides of the boat, swaying it therapeutically from side to side. I pierced my gaze into the deep, indigo water, highly alert of anything huge passing by.

"Lance, ya' think were in the wrong ocean? We should move to another location." Gilbert suggested.

"No, I know it's here." I replied, determination still slapped across my face, "Thomas! Check the radar!"

Thomas scoffed, "I always have to do everything here," The hazy spirit floated into the control room of the ship, "When I died, I thought work would be all over."

There was a eerily quiet pause, interrupted every few seconds by the lapping of the waves.

"Lance," Thomas called from the room, "What does the little red dot mean on the radar?"

"There's something nearby," I answered, excited, "How far is it away from the lil' boat icon?"

"Well, it's just-" FWOOSH! An explosion of water rocketed into the air as a massive, long-necked sea monster hovered over our boat, shattering the surface of the water as it landed.

"That was it!" I screeched in glee, "Gilbert! Get the net ready! Thomas! Keep an eye on that radar! Paco! Get the tranquilizers!"

Gilbert ran to the thimble-like wheel holding the giant net attached to the rope and loosened it. I looked around, no sign of Paco.

"Paco! The tranquilizers, stat!" I ordered, no answer.

I sighed, placing my hand over my face, "Mr. Robo-taco, I need the guns please."

Paco's tiny, robotic midget body raced in, dragging the tranquilizers behind him. He laughed frantically, a high-pitched screeching trailing behind him as he dragged the metallic guns.

"He'ya go, siiiiir." He giggled, dropping the guns behind him. Swiftly, I grasped a gun and unstrapped a dart off the side, loading it into the barrel. I passed the second gun to Gilbert, who had already set the net.

The boat jerked right all of a sudden, kicking me to the solid, metal floor. My body rolled across the deck, smashing my back into the rails of the boat.

 The boat fell back into a straight position, allowing me to regain balance.

"It's hitting us!" Thomas yelled, "And now it's looping around!"

I swiveled around, peering behind me. The monster poked it's head through the surface of the water, shooting toward us. It pounced on the boat, biting the side.

"Aww... It's just so cute!" Paco obnoxiously cried out.

"Shoot it!" I ordered. Gilbert and I unloaded the darts into it's forehead, throwing the monster off. The monster unleashed it's jaws, leaving a curved dent in the side. It roared a squeaky roar and dived into the water.

I sprinted to the control room, passing right through Thomas, I thrusted the throttle to full blast, sending Paco and Gilbert tumbling in the back.

"Are you trying to kill us?" Gilbert shouted, holding on tightly to the railing.

"Faster! FASTEEEER!" Paco screamed.

I focused on the radar, following the slowly fainting monster. My years in Atari games finally paying off.

The creature was right below us, falling into a deep sleep. I slowed the boat down a little.

"Ready the net!" I commanded Gilbert. Gilbert picked himself off the floor, still holding on the the railing. He grabbed a control stick on the back of the boat and lowered the net into the water. As soon as he gave me the thumbs up, I sped up a tad, engulfing the beast into the gigantic net. Gilbert mashed a huge lime green button, closing the entry to the net.

"We got it!" He cheered. I stopped the boat immadiatly and ran to the back. Sure enough, the sea monster floated inside the net, fast asleep.

"Are we gonna make fishsticks?" Paco asked excitidly. Completely ignoring him, I turned to Gilbert.

"Were rich!" I cried, dancing on the metal floor.

"Good, yes, fabulous. Now can we go home?" Thomas sighed, eagerly waiting for my ridculous dance to end.

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