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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thunderstruck Part 1

They shoved me through a hall of people to a tall, stage-like stand. A hefty, metal cuffs wraped around my neck and wrists. My hands were numb from the squeezing from the hand cuffs. My shoulders were sore from the heavyiness around my neck.

The two full-suited guards holding onto me stopped me in front of the stage, where a man in a formal, crimson suit stood. A threatening look in his eye as he held his head proudly in the air.

"Do you know why your here, Vara?" He asked, in the most normal way he could.

I stared at the noose swinging lightly with the dusty wind, but I held my fear back. I answered, "I violated your law."

"You vandalized, lied, cheated, and murdered."

"It wasn't murder!" I snapped, guards pulling me back, "It was in self-defense!"

"It," He spoke louder, "was one of my men. You've done too much, now you must leave this place, for good. May the god have mercy on your soul."

All eyes beamed me as the guards pushed me forward up the steps. I tried to fight back, but there gripped was locked on. They placed me on a wooden box and pushed my head through the loop.

The formal man approached me, stepping one foot on the box and coming close to my ear. Slowly, he whispered, "There is one way out of this, my love."

I jerked my head away uncomfortablely. This perverted man was named President Belial. He was more of a dictator than a lawful president. His throne was inside a huge tower overlooking the whole city. His soldiers are called Guardians, but all they do is patrol the city, steal belongings for "legal purposes", and a whole other fake cop things. Belial finally caught me, after all the criminal things I've done, if they were counted as a criminal doing.

Angered, he stepped off the box and back to his spot on the stage. He liked to do hangings in the most active part of the city, so everyon can see, it was a cruel thing to do to the city.

"Ready her for hanging." He ordered.

My breath came out in shortened stutters. The people below either stared into me with meloncholy eyes, or shielded them.

All this sadness didn't affect me. Instead, I smiled, challenging Belial. His face filled to the top with rage, but his expression was still normal. Trying my luck, I gave a short speech, "I'm glad I killed that so called Guardian." I boasted, "I'm maybe even glad to be standing on this box with noose around my neck."

The people gave eachother bewildered looks. But Belial had the most bewildered of them all.

"Let me pull the switch." He snarled at a Guardian, "I want to do this."

Right when he reached for the switch, a flash of tremendous white light struck the middle of the crowd. They screamed and split away from the impact to reveal a creature. A wolf with cloud grey fur and white streaks going across its side. It stared at me, as if peering into my thoughts. Then leaped into the air, blasting guardians into the air with a powerful gust of wind. I was knocked off the box, landing harshly on my back.

The wolf pounced on one of Guardian's, implanting on foot on the Guardian's chest. "I believe you have something of mine!" It growled.

Quiveringly, the Guardian unbuttoned his satchel and fiddled for something inside it. I had a chance now, I stood up and jumped off the stage. Both cuffs were still locked on me, but I kept sprinting. I ran into between two buildings and weaved through a narrow maze of rotten garbage and filthy clothes. I turned a corner and ran into a kid, knocking him over.

"Hey, kid!" I immediatly yelled, as he got up, "You want something really cool?"

"Umm... Mr. Gordy told me not to take things from strangers." He replied solumnly.

I checked if I was being followed, then continued, "Listen, I need you to break me out of these cuffs then I promise I will leave you alone, okay?"

I raised my wrists to show him the short chained hand cuffs snapped on tightly.

"How am I supposed to open those?" He asked, confused. I looked around, spotting a screwdriver on the ground.

I kicked it to him, "Pry them open, quick!"

I set my wrists onto the ground as the kid jammed the screwdriver into the little crack between the cuff links. He wriggled around, trying to unlink them. The cuffs budged a little, enlightening the kid as he pushed it open. Once they were finger-width apart. He grabbed the edges with his hands and pulled back, unleasing one hand. I quickly pulled my sweaty wrist out and pryed the neck cuff off me. It snapped off, the cooling blast of a gentle breeze sweeping my neck.

"Thanks kid," I thanked, running off with one cuff around my wrist.

"Wait!" He called after me. I stopped as he caught up with me, "Let me come with you! Please!" Sounds of toppling garbage and angry footsteps rumbled behind us. Guardians.

"Fine! Fine!" I answered quickly, "Just run as fast as you can!" I sprinted down the alley, as the kid trailed behind. We turned into another alley, an alley filled with garbage cans and trash lying everywhere. I figured if I can plow right through this, the kid or the Guardians behind us won't be able to catch up, simple.

I bulldozed through the garbage cans, knocking them over behind me as I went. I approached the end of the alley, a road and sidewalk lied ahead. I knocked over the last garbage can, only to find the kid just behind me.

"How did you...?" I stuttered, a litle startled.

"I just jumped over them, why?" He answered. Knocking the subject out of my head. I scanned the area quickly. I spotted a car parked across the road, window slightly open. I ran toward it and slid my hand down the window opening, hearing the Guardian's knocking the garbage cans out their way. I pressed the unlock button and opened the door. I hopped into the seat along with the kid, who sat in the passenger seat.

"Whoa! Were stealing a car!" He exasperated.

"Get used to it." I replied, sliding under the car wheel and biting wires in half. I touched to wires together, hotwiring the car to a start.

"Uhh... Miss." The kid called, tapping my shoulder.

"What?!" I snapped, annoyed. I looked out his window to see an angery civilian tapping on the glass. Quickly I locked the car, angering him even more as he pulled the handle violently. On my window their was another tapping, the Guardians. In a sudden reaction, I slammed my foot on the gas and peeled out onto the street. I focused hard on the road, not slowing down.

"Miss!" The kid yelled, "That man is still holding on!" I peered onver to his window to see fat fingers still on the handle.

"Get him off!" I ordered, rolling down his window. The kid, released the man's grasp off the door handle. Making him roll down the street behind us.

My heart pounded slower, I muttered, "Kid, looks like you're going to stick with me."

"What do you mean? Am I a criminal like you?" He questioned.

"No, were mercenaries. You know that evil President we have."


"Do you wish he was gone?"

"Yes, I do so very much. That man is evil, he arrested my mother for a wrong doing. Now I have to live with Mr. Gordy, another awful man."


© 2010-2011 by Bud Williams/Electro Owl

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