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Monday, July 25, 2011

Blackout Part 1

I sprinted across the jungle floor, nearly slipping on the lush fallen leaves. Vee trailed behind me, stopping to square off the attacking natives pursueing us. The natives were enraged, they should be. We ransacked their holiest temple, snatched the prized idol, and slipped away.

They hooted and screamed as they fired muskets at us, bullets whizzing past our heads. I clutched a tiny, metallic idol in my arm tightly. I knew this would cause a huge problem.

Vee fiddled for something in his satchel until he finally pulled it out, a dynamite stick.

"Back off you son of bitches!" Vee screamed, lighting the explosive.

"What are you doing!" I snapped in bewilderment.

"Just givin' them a lil' taste of action." Vee tossed the dynamite. It rolled, "Run!"

Vee ran past me, disappearing into the trees. I trailed him, barely holding on to the idol. The dynamite exploded behind us, ringing my ears.

Clumsily, I tripped over, dropping the idol on the leaf-bedded ground. I reached for it, only to be denied by someone else's hand. I peered up at the man who grabbed it. A pompous Wather wearing a pinstripe suit, a sharp tie, and circular glasses with dim olive lens.

"A fine piece of work you have collect here, indeed." He commented, examining the idol.

"Give it back, Reggie." I seethed, picking myself off the ground. The hollers of more natives sounded behind us. Reggie unholstered his pistol and aimed the deathly barrel at me.

"This is just what I needed," He murmured, smiling comfortably, "Now you have two choices, get shot or run off so those disgusting cannibals can have their dinner."

I stared at the nozzle, shaking in fear about the next stupid thing I was about to do. I nabbed Reggie's wrist, swinging it another direction as he aimlessly fired. I tripped him off his feet and scooped up the idol he had just dropped.

"Thanks! I owe you one, Reg!" I laughed, making a full fledge run for it. I burst out of the bushes and onto a faded, asphalt road.

"Skace! Over here!" Vee called. I swivel around to see him inside the Road Buggy, flailing and waving his arms violently. I ran over to the car qand hopped in, placing the idol snug into Vee's satchel.

"You got me scared there, brotha." He grumbled, "Let's get the hell out'a here!" He revved up the engine and raced across the road, peeling rubber behind us.

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