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Friday, August 5, 2011

Blackout Part 4

The sun speared us with its blazing rays, buring my skin to a crisp. Vee threw his hefty luggage onto the boat, making it look so simple.

"Come on, Skace," He moaned, snatching a bag of food from my hand, "If you're gonna help, make yourself useful."

He loaded the bag onto the boat, more carefully than last time. I hauled the briefcase onto the boat. I reached into the bag and pulled out an Elpp, munching on it's sweet, juicy meat.

"Look at them," Vee mumbled, observing the duo coming along with us as they carried thier stuff, "They won't survive the forest."

I stared at the two, the stubby human struggled with his luggage as Saffire held her head high, trying to not look a bit troubled with her packing.

She swayed past us, shoving between us. She set her suitcases along with the other needed supplies. The boat driver stepped down from his throne above the deck, only he didn't exactly like a king.

He was a twin with the boat. Grimy, musty smelling, and foul. The boat driver wore a sweat-drenched, grey shirt, which changed into a darker grey under the neck and armpits. A few of his teeth were missing, along with some grammer.

"Ay der'!" He greeted happily, "How y'all doin' on dis fine mornin'?"

"Great!" Saffire greeted back, cheerful, "We're ready as ever to get this boat on the road...I mean sea."

"Well, aren'tchu a happy young feller, name's Stewie." He held out his hand.

"Saffire." She replied, shaking his greasy hand.

He peered at me, "Who are you three?"

"I'm Vee," Vee introduced, "This is my brother, Skace, of our partners, Horton."

He laughed hard, snorting between gasps, "Y'all are like some kinda sitcom or somethin'. That's funny right there..." He trailed off to another sentence, "We ain't goin' yet. We're 'specting another passenger."

Vee groaned, shaking his head in dissappointment. I sat on a heated metal chair, instantly jumping off as the heat attacked me.

I rubbed my butt, sweat pouring down my scraggly hair. I peered at the others, who panted as begged for atleast one cool breeze. That next passenger better hurry or we'll be cooked. A high-pitched beep struck the air, rebounding into my ears.

"Ay, dere's the passenger, he's early aw'right." Stewie announced, pointed his dirty finger down the dock.

A safari jeep raced toward the boat, a cloud of dust chasing after it. It skidded to a stop, creating a screen of dust. There was a clop from someone closing a car door. Someone strolled through the screen, un-aflicted by the gasious dust. I only know one that would risk there lungs just to look ominous and epic.

"Aww, shit." I groaned, "I shoulda expected this....It's Reggie."

Reggie stepped onto the boat, his servant struggling with the fancy, hefty briefcases. He wore his best suit: pure white with a jet black tie. His moustache was cleanly cut to a perfect shape, his fedora stabbed with the feather of a rare, and probably extinct, bird.

"Ah," He began with his famous fancy talk, "Smell the fresh air, the extravagant heat. It really beats the bitter cold of Lona."

"Reggie, Why the hell are you here?" Vee growled.

"I'm glad you asked. Meet Caleb, or by full name, Caleb Ukalosa." The servant plopped the luggage on the oven hot deck. There sat a chubby Wather with washed off markings on his face and a tuxedo one size too small for him.

"How do y'all do." He smiled.

"You snitch!" Saffire seethed, "I thought I would trust you! How- When- What's going on?"

"Ah, I'm glad you asked," Reggie began again with the same introduction, "You see, I sent Caleb on a study to investigate the tribes in the Plains. Look's like he got lucky enough to find you looking for these brillant, brillant men."

"One more word..." Vee hissed.

"So I got tricked?" Saffire snapped, "You used me?"

"Meh, Pretty much." Reggie answered.

Saffire grinded her teeth, Horton looking a bit nervous. Luckily, Captain Doofus was here to save the day.

"Y'all ready?" Stewie asked, looking at us all, " 'Cause I ain't gonna dis-cus any rules here. Besides, no fightin'  or breakin' my boat."

"We're ready," Reggie called out.

"Gooood....Good..." Stewie walked back into the control room and propelled the boat forward.

The heat was too much, I had to do something, I can't be in this heat all day. I grabbed a cold bottle of water from the cooler placed on the boat, pouring down my throat. I closed the cap and pressed the extremely cold bottle on my forehead.

"I understan' y'all are hot and all," Stewie annoucned on the intercom, "But next mornin' we'll be there. Don't y'all worry."


Suddenly, the boat churned, moving side to side. Something nudged it. Once again, it bumped the boat, a lot harder now.

"Crap!" Stewie screamed. At that exact moment, a huge serpant moster chomped the side of the boat. I jumped out of the way as it took a chunk out of the side, "I tink were in dangerous waters, fellas! Hold on!" The boat sped forward, nearly knocking us over. We left the monster to eat our trail of droplets, giving up with one huge roar. My heart pounded my chest, nearly jumping straight out. What was that? I didn't even get a good look at it, but I did say a strange apricot color...

A slim bit of water seeped onto the boat deck, surrounding our feet in salt water.

"Y'all better get th life rafts ready," Stewie announced, "We're slowly sinkin', but we ain't gettin' off til we get there."

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