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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Catharsis Part 1

Blood painted the blade of my machete dark red as I sliced the disgusting creatures across their mugs. I climbed onto the roof of a nearby truck, a creature ripping open my leg. I twisted around and kicked it off with my other leg, hauling myself to the very top. Another ugly beast punced on top of me, making horrifying screeching sounds. I shoved it off me, flinging it into the dark of the treacherous night.

I reached into my pocket, shaking as I pulled out a small conch. I brought the end of the conch to my lips and buzzed into to it, creating an ear piercing noise similar to nails grinding on a chalkboard. The creatures screamed and howled, running off into the trees. I kept playing the chilling sound for a few more minutes, stopping to check for screeches or growls. None.

I reached for my other pocket, grasping my walkie-talkie. I clicked the side button, a static sound emitting from the speaker.

"Blake," I whispered, quivering as a burning pain stretched around my legs, which was surrounded by a petite pool of blood, "Pick me up, I'm in trouble....again."

Torrent's Moving Picture---

The boat ripped through the ocean's surface, spliting it into two halves. I stood on the deck, breathing in the salty air and calming sounds of the ocean. The wind blew through my hair and pelt, refreshing every sense in my body. The blocky camera rested on my shoulder as it inhaled the wondeful sights from it's lens.

"Shark!" Someone screamed behind me. I jumped in sudden fear, the camera nearly slipping off my bony shoulder, catching it time.

I swiveled around to face the laughing face of my co-directer, "Damn it, Lupe! You almost ruined us!" I snapped, grinding my teeth.

"The funniest part is that your still recording!" He snickered, pointing at the tiny laser red light.

Quickly, I pressed the soft record button to shut it off. "You're such a shit." I mumbled.

The intercom buzzed on, the Captain's voice barely audible, "...we're appr- -ching the island. I can't find any docks so we go- have to just park- anywhere clear."

Our destination raced toward us as the boat picked up speed. Excited, I propped the camera on my shoulder again and pressed record.

"Stand in front of the camera, Lupe!" I ordered cheerily, he stepped in front of the lens and cleared his throat.

"My name is Lupe, the genius who brought you the epic movie, The Killers," He announced, grinning approvingly.

"Don't push it." I murmured

"Today, we will explore the dangers of the legendary Dawn Island. Paradise? I don't think so. Because this island is filled with unexplained, changing climate, scarce food, and-"

The boat violently jerked to the side, toppling us to the hard metal floor. The side railing caught us, brusing my back. The boat leveled itself back, rolling me off the rail.

I balanced myself to my feet, rubbing my sore elbow. I eyed the control room whee the captain drove the boat, just barely seeing the old man's silloutte.

"Are you okay?" Lupe questioned, trying to stand upright.

"I'm fine," I answered, searching for the camera. The camera layed on the deck, it's lens split in half.

"Sorry about that- hit a rock or someth-" The intercom hissed on.

The boat glided across the dense surface, ascending onto the wet sand below it. I raced over to the ladder, immediately climbing down with the camera tightly in my clutches. I touched down on the cool, damp sand, giving me a sudden need to take my shoes off.

"Hey, you gotta unload ya' know!" Lupe yelled after me.

"Yeah, why don't you be a gentleman and do that for me?" I replied, mashing the record button.

I narrated as the camera captured every sight, "Here we are, the world famous Dawn Island. What beauty, the trees nearly touch the sky!" I peered at the sky at that thought. It was horrendously grey, a scary sight to see. A light drizzle brisked dampened my jacket, covering it in petite, dark grey polka dots.

Lupe dropped my bag of clothes from the top of the ladder. It implanted into the ground, covering the bottom in sand. I shot Lupe a glance and ran over to it, unzipping it. I pulled out a rain poncho and a crimson scarf. I draped the clear poncho over my body, pulling the hood over my head and wrapped the camera in the scarf.

Lightning stabbed the ground, a rumbling clap tailing after it. It echoed across the sky as the rain bombed us with fatter raindrops.

I hunched over the camera, turning to the boat, "Lupe! Captain!" Captain Roger slid down the ladder in a cartoonish fasion. He popped up onto his feet and shaped his moustache as it was still wet. His night shade tuxedo getting wetter and wetter.

He inhaled a breath of freash air, "Smell that rain, Torrent! Such a wonderful thing, it is!" His voice sounded like those happy-go-lucky folks in old timey television.

Lupe came down after, his fur damp and pitiful. He plopped onto the now even wetter sand and sighed, "Now, I know why I need a rain coat."

"Why bother, my boy!" Roger cheered whimsically, "It's so natural and fresh. Why it's God's, or your case, the god's gift!"

Thunder roared above us again, "Crap, just when we unloaded." I groaned, "Cover that with....something!"

Lupe walked over to the pile of bags and cases, throwing a blanket over it.

"I could bring up the signal to find if anyone is nearby!" Roger grinned, proud of his brillant idea.

"Good! Lupe and I will look around for anything that can help." I planned, Roger nodded, gripping the slippery handles of the ladder.

I trudged through thick sand, leaving perfect imprints of digigrade foot. Lupe followed me, shivering in the cold rain.
I peered at him, "You need this poncho?" I offered.

"No, there's trees up ahead." He answered, unzipping his jacket and using it as an umbrella. I raced under the tree's, which gave us protection from the heavy rain, Lupe just behind me.

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