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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scratched and Flawed

I squeezed the grip to my katana, fear welling up in my stomach as the huge metal cargo box absorbed stray bullets. My partner peeked over the edge and shot his shotgun, swiftly stepping back for protection.

"There's too many!" He panted, a cold sweat dripping off his snout. The tint of his purple glasses flashed as he peered over the side, jerking back as a bullet pinged the edge, rapidly taking huge breaths in shock.

"Just keeping bluffing them, Jolt!" I remarked, flicking sweat off my eyelashes. He rolled his eyes and blindly fired over the edge.

"Are kidding me?" He snapped, peering at me with gigantic, distressed eyes.

"No." I replied sternly, shoving him nimbly in aggression, "Be creative and bluff them now!"

He banged the back of his head lightly on the metal cargo box, annoyance and fear blending in his head.
 I peered down at Rex as he covered his shoulder in sheer pain, blood seeping between the spaces of his fingers. I crouched down to check on him. Rex grunted in agony, clenching his eyes tightly shut.

"Is it getting worse?" I asked, peeling his shaky hand off the wound.

"Don't touch it!" He snapped, shoving me back, "Just get help!" He tapped the square walkie-talkie strapped onto his belt, staining it with thin smears of crimson.

Uneasy about Rex's sudden forcefulness, I yanked the walkie-talkie from his belt, mashing the talk button.

"Wei!" I yelled, "Get off guard! We're in deep shit!"

"Fine," He buzzed on, "I was just about to practice my banjo..."

The firing got heavier, ricocheting off the heavy metal of the crate. I sheathed my katana, plucking a small device from the sheath. The device had five, tiny blades, like a ninja star. In the middle of it was a petite button. I pressed the button, triggering a sudden fast-paced flashing.

I tossed the star over the top of the cargo. A quick fizzing noise popped on the other side, followed by strident gags and groans.

I smirked in success, unsheathing my katana. I nodded at Jolt, commanding him for ambush. Jolt sprinted over the edge, hollering a threatening chant. I laughed along with him, waving my sword high in the air.

Jolt stopping dead in his tracks. What now? Suddenly I froze, scanning the area around us. A group of well-dressed men in sunglasses surrounded us. They wore apricot tuxedo's, shiny loafers, and evil smiles drawn across their chubby mugs.

"Fantastic plan, Shaey, just fantastic" Jolt quivered with sarcasm, aiming his gun carefully.

I paused, thinking as they stared us down. I pricked my ears up, gingerly sucking in the sounds around us... A bellowing engine gained volume... Wei.

One guard hawked a ball of spit and shot it at the concrete floor, clearing his throat, "We tol' you guys stay outta ar' buisness once. Now there isn't any second chances." His face was bruised up, an eye patch blocked an ugly scabbed eye. His right hand grasped the handle of a pistol, his other hand gingerly holding a hazey cigarette. His guards cocked their guns, aiming straight at our heads.

"Aaay! Niether are we, brother." I jeered, mocking his italian accent and spreading out my arms.

He grunted, his eye tensing up with creases and wrinkles. I challenged him even more, giving him a tiny smirk of success.

His grunt got more ruggud, like nails on a block of rough stone. He pointed his crooked finger at us, "Kill them!" He snarled, "Ucciderli! Voi stronzi!"

The guards daintly held steady, as if they were trying to play connect the dots on our heads. CRASH! Glittering shards of glass fell from the sky. An anchor descended along with them, a tiny Syrrul gripping on the chain the anchor was attached to. The anchor stabbed the concrete ground, the sharp point implanted into the surface.

"Wei!" I gasped excitedly, glaring back at the goons, "What was that about second chances?"

Wei slid down the chain, landing right where the anchor planted into the ground. He threatened the pompous guards, jabbing a long, skinny electricly charged trident at them.

"Back!" He snapped, "Back off! You guy's interrupted my guitar practice!"

"That's your secret weapon?" Razzi laughed, "What is going to do, c-" He peered up, gawking at the huge, rusty battleship hovering over the shattered sky light. An oval-shaped homemade bomb suspending from a thin cable and a claw.

A rope ladder unraveled from the very top, long enough to touch the top of my head.

Rex limped from behind the cargo, unholstering his pistol, "It's about time you got here, Wei!" He shoved a guard to the ground and began climbing up the rope ladder. We tailed him, hurrying up the swinging ladder.

"You idiots! Shoot her! Shoot her now!" Razzi flabbergasted, jerking his finger forward as bullets rebounded against the metal wall.

My fingers clasped against the rough, rusty metal railing. I hauled myself onto the boat, Jolt pulling my arm in assistence.

"Are you okay?" He questioned hurreidly, checking for wounds.

"I'm fine." I answered, picking myself up, "Wei! Drive us outta here now!"

Petite Wei smiled and scurried up the tall step-ladder to the control room. Jolt sprinted toward the cable, grasping the cable cutter. He struggled with the cutters, squeezing the two handles with all his strength, not getting cutting one strand. Rex limped over, pushing him out of the way. He grabbed both handles and easily cut the cable, ignoring sheer pain in his shoulder.

The floating battleship propelled forward, loosening our balance a tad. The primitive bomb plummeted to the concrete building below, detonating into a ball of guzzling, laughing flames. The blaze scraped the side, tinting it a nice shade of dark grey. We ruptured through the intense fire, coughing smoke tickling and clawing our throats.

The pager buzzed on, Wei's tiny little voice droned, "Where to, Shaey?" I walked closer to the control room and cupped my hands, yelling, "Back to the base, of course!"

"Alright!" The boat pulsed faster, blowing gusts of dusty wind into our faces. I ran over to a turret and sat onto the bench-like seat, right next to Jolt. I wiped sweat running down my cheek.

"Uhh... What's up?" He began awkwardly, urging to start a conversation.

"Nothing. Just going to the know..." I replied slowly, lost in thought in the train of thought. I gained two things out of the intense battle. First, I reclaimed my gold and silver bracer, a piece of work passed down family. Second, I had my revenge, it finally escaped my mind knwing those monsters were no more.

"Okay, just wondering... Are you sure you're okay?"

I eyed him through slits, "Yes. I'm sure."

The lush emerald green forest blurred under us as we ruptured through low, hazey clouds. The cool air dried the sweat in my hair to a sticky redue, clumping my hair together. I laid my back against the metal slope of the turret, resting my head on my palms. Such a great feeling to know your going home.

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